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Death row prisoners need legal, investigative and community assistance to counter negative forces marshaled against them. Some are without lawyers or are having problems with lawyers that are representing them. Most need investigative work on their cases and there is rarely funding available for this critical work. Others need local contacts and support groups and contact with the media. Many need their families and friends to have a better understanding of their cases and training/support for family members to facilitate meaningful work on the cases. Some need innocence claims presented to Innocence Projects. Both prisoners and their loved ones need to gain skills in summarizing case issues, identifying tasks, and finding resources so that they can become effective self-advocates and advocates. NDRAN addresses these issues and develops individual and collective solutions by networking nationally and acting locally.

 NDRAN Activities:
  • Correspondence with prisoners and family members
  • Troubleshooting for prisoners and family members - securing a lawyer, an investigator and community support network, etc.
  • Maintaining and updating files on NDRAN associated death row cases
  • Networking with family/friends of prisoners
  • Networking with lawyers of prisoners
  • Networking with local community resources in state/community of prisoner
  • Networking with Innocence Projects
  • Identifying issues that need to be investigated; developing investigative strategy
  • Training community and family members with Capital Defense Handbook
  • Developing a training manual for family, friends, and community activists that involves fundraising, coordination with lawyers/innocence projects/prisoners, investigation, strategy, reading all legal documents, record keeping, etc. Working on model cases using all volunteer help.