THE CELL DOOR IS… a Magazine written by prisoners or people associated with the prison system. Open the cell door and meet the men and women behind bars. The Cell Door Magazine features articles that tell what the incarceration experience is like while in prison and how the ex-con fairs once s/he is back on the street. Topics include but are not limited to prison issues. Our goal is to develop an audience who reads THE CELL DOOR MAGAZINE for its educational and entertainment value and quality, learning in the process that prisoners are intelligent, personable, talented human beings.

Writing Style:

We do not accept soapbox opinion columns. What works best for our readers is to interlace personal experiences with the feelings these experiences stimulate. We also feature factual researched information that exposes our readers to important information they may not be able to access in any other publication.

The Cell Door Magazine is produced by the staff of the National Capital Crime Assistance Network ( - a non-profit 501 (C) (3)


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