Equal Justice USA would like to express its utmost gratitude to Claudia Whitman, who had the idea, the passion, and the brilliance to see this project from inception to conclusion. We thank Lisa Kois, Esq. for her assistance in drafting the report, and David Hammond, Esq. who assisted with research. We also thank the many people throughout the country who have given their time and talents to the project, including: Rob Owen, Rob Warden, Micki Dickoff, Rita Barker, Bill Lofquist, Bruce Livingston, Kent Gipson, Margaret Vandiver, Mike Radelet, Esther Brown, Judy Cumbee, Jill Keefe, Laird Carlson, Barbara Taylor, Matt Holder, Dawn Dye, Bob and Marie Long, Grace Bolden, and Wendy Fancher. And a very special thanks to Gary Taylor, without whose help we could not have done the research in Texas.

We dedicate this report to James Adams, Brian Baldwin, Odell Barnes, Roger Coleman, Willie Darden, Girvie Davies, Robert Drew, Shaka Sankofa, Larry Griffin, Richard Jones, Robert McFarland, Roy Roberts, Cornelius Singleton, Jesse Tafero, Thomas Thompson, Freddie Wright, and their families and loved ones.