MAPS & Directions

Precise location of The Shalako House:

The Shalako House is 3/4 mile south of Jackson Lake.

Driving, we are 6 miles from Mancos



House Key:

Our housekeeper will leave the door open and the key will be on the wood counter in the kitchen.

How things work or Where things are:

A folder with information about "How Things Work" in the Shalako house will be left on the counter with the keys. If you have any questions about how things work or where things are after you have consulted this book, please call (800) 485-2582. This phone number will ring at our home in Maine and we will answer any questions or solve any problem. If you need to have a problem solved by a real live person, we will call the appropriate person and they will work things out for you.

Address for people writing to you in Mancos:

12200 CR 41.9

Mancos, CO 81328

Telephone (970) 533-7383:

Canoe Rental


Fresh water for your stay - We will maintain the water in the tub in good condition as you would expect of any pool. We will drain the water, clean the tub, and refill it with fresh cold water, when the water becomes difficult to control the correct balanced conditions for bathing or the interior of the pool needs cleaning. However, we do offer the option of having fresh water for your stay. It will cost $35 to cover the worker's time, water and chemicals. Please let us know as soon as possible if you desire this option.

Maintaining the pool at 103* with the cover on does not consume much gas. It is when the cover is off (water is evaporating) and people are in and out of the water that increases the consumption of gas. If you do not want to use the pool or you do not want it heated, there will be no charge. Your usage of gas will be deducted from your security deposit.

Our Address as of May 21st:

Laird Carlson (207) 766-2418

6 Tolman Road

Peaks Island, ME 04108


HOW TO CONTACT US - Laird Carlson or Claudia Whitman

Mid Sept -> Mid June     (970) 533-7383

Mid June -> Mid Sept     (207) 766-2418

E-Mail -

Snail Mail -             Laird Carlson

	Mid Sept -> Mid June
	 12200 CR-41.9
	Mancos, CO    81328
	Mid June -> Mid Sept
	6 Tolman Rd
	Peaks Island, ME    04108